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Zodiac Sign and Meaning

Zodiac Sign And Meaning is one element that determines how the character of the zodiac. Meaning And Zodiac Sign is different and it's no coincidence. Not made carelessly. But there is meaning apart from the twelve signs of the zodiac. In this article, we will thoroughly explore the mystery behind the meaning of each sign of the zodiac.Curious, directly seen only in accordance with their respective zodiac ..!

Aries Zodiac: First Zodiac Sign

Element: Fire
Planets: Mars
Stone: amethyst, diamond
Minerals: metal
Color: red
Characteristics: active, initiative, like the leading, independent, aggressive, impatient, energetic, beginner, assertive and sometimes naive.

Aries Sign : Sheep male

Horned ram is a symbol that represents Aries. The symbol contains terms, fertility, aggressive and attack, and courage. Horn in the sheep's head representing Aries ambition to lead. For that reason they are sometimes hard and do not like to argue.

Taurus Zodiac : Second Zodiac Sign
Element: earth
Planets: Venus
Stone: Emerald
Minerals: Copper
Color: green
Characteristics: persistent, stubborn, possessive, generous, sensual, spoiled, obedient

Taurus Sign : Cow horns / bull

Horned cattle symbol represents the strength, hardness of heart, virility and power. In general, they live alone, but sometimes in groups. They are peace-loving figure, but could immediately if there is a fishing angry emotions.

Gemini Zodiac : 3rd Zodiac Sign
Element: Air
Planets: Mercury
Stone: Agate (agate)
Minerals: mercury
Color: yellow
Characteristics: quiet, adaptable, flexible, easily changed, responsible, easy socializing, just look at something from the deep

Gemini Sign : the twins

Blonde twins known since ancient times, shows that there are two sides of one same body. Where also symbolizes a change that can occur in a very fast, a communication, transactions and new ideas.

The transition created in this twin symbols, thus the owner of the zodiac is very easy to change and adapt to it or something new. [Break]

Cancer Zodiac, 4th Zodiac Sign
Element: Water
Planets: Moon
Stone: pearl, opal
Minerals: silver
Colors: white, yellow
Characteristics: gentle, conservative, taste, covered, motherhood, love to ponder

Cancer Sign : The Crab

Crabs are animals that walk sideways, thus this symbol represents the Cancer zodiac which have a tendency attitude is very different and unique. They always solve the problem in its own way.Classified as the people who protect themselves, selfish, sensitive and introverted. They do not really like going to change, and feel comfortable with the environment that has existed since long.

Leo Zodiac: 5th Zodiac Sign
Element: Fire
Planets: Sun
Stone: ruby
Minerals: Gold
Colors: orange, gold
Characteristics: generous, helpful, attentive, active, warm, open and bossy

Leo Sign : Lion

Lion touted as the king of the jungle that is destined to become a leader, as well as symbolized, their characters who take shelter under the Leo zodiac bossy and do not like to beat. Courage becomes a character itself, the strength and power are always in the mind of Leo.

Virgo Zodiac : 6th Zodiac Sign
Element: earth
Planets: Mercury
Stone: sapphire
Minerals: mercury
Color: blue
Characteristics: analytical, intelligent, critical, helpful, thorough, quiet

Virgo Sign : Women

Virgo is symbolized by a virgin woman, in which the characteristic is essentially a shy person, gentle, wise, and natural. They have a tendency to prefer to live alone. [Break]

Libra Zodiac: 7th Zodiac Sign
Element: Air
Planets: Venus
Stone: diamond
Minerals: Copper
Color: Green
Characteristics: has a high social life, kind, sociable and popular, artistic, dignified, diplomatic

Libra Sign : Scales

Scales, a tool used to measure the weight of an object. It is believed that this symbol is a symbol of balance, harmony and justice. They are peace-loving person and live in a stable environment.

Scorpio Zodiac : 8th Zodiac Sign
Element: Water
Planets: Mars
Stone: topaz, opal
Minerals: iron
Color: purple
Characteristics: passionate, possessive, focused, very passionate, have a great curiosity

Scorpio Sign : Scorpions

Scorpio is a deadly animal, and has a weapon in the tail and on both hands. They are really full of emotion and vindictive. They also figure that brave and full of power.

Sagittarius Zodiac: 9th Zodiac Sign
Element: Fire
Planets: Jupiter
Stone: topaz
Minerals: lead
Color: Green Turquoise
Characteristics: optimistic, enthusiastic, honest, quiet, independent, responsible, forthright, true adventurer

Sagittarius Sign : Archer / archer

Archer is in Sagittarius symbol is the figure of Centaur, the ancient creature half human and horse body. Shows that they are emotional beings full of passion, courage, wisdom, and always moving forward. [Break]

Capricorn Zodiac: 10th Zodiac Sign
Element: Land
Planets: Saturn
Stone: onyx, amber
Minerals: Lead
Color: Chocolate
Characteristics: conservative, thoughtful, ambitious, constant, disciplined, careful

Capricorn Sign : goat

The symbol represents the male goat is incredible stubbornness, they tend to be selfish and comfortable living on their own. They are a closed figure and rarely share their feelings with others. They have the passion and ambition to always reach the top and get the best.

Aquarius Zodiac: 11th Zodiac Sign
Element: Air
Planets: Uranus
Stone: Amethyst
Minerals: Uranium
Color: Blue Sky
Characteristics: independent, strong opinions, idealistic, quiet, friendly, intelligent

Aquarius Sign : the water bearer

Symbol water bearer is a person who is very experienced and very spiritual. They are peace-loving adult figure. Their orientation is to progress and development, for they are the ones who likes to learn and very intelligent.

Pisces Zodiac : 12th Zodiac Sign
Element: Water
Planets: Neptune
Stone: Jade / Coral
Minerals: lead
Color: Blue Sea
Characteristics: has a keen intuition, sympathetic, sensitive, gentle, easily influenced

Pisces Sign : fish

Pisces is symbolized by two fishes that swim different direction.Pisces symbol represents the character that is always uncertain and not easily take a decision. But they are a very open and receptive to input or criticism from outside.

Well, that's the meaning behind the sign of each zodiac.

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